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Vision and Philosophy of Catholic Education

In order to perform her role effectively in the education of children, the church requires schools, Can. 796(1) states:

Among the means of advancing education, Christ’s faithful are to consider schools as of great importance since they are the principal means of helping parents to fulfil their role in education.”

Therefore, Catholic Schools should provide, through example and instruction, a community in which students experience faith and hope that witness the Gospel values of Jesus Christ.

The school staff must continuously seek to educate the whole child and, with compassion and care, respond to the honoring their diverse learning styles.

Using developmentally appropriate and solid pedagogy, children should be stimulated, encouraged and inspired in the acquisition of basic skills as well as a desire for lifelong learning.

The Church in Abakaliki diocese believes that Catholic education has as its aim to be a viable means of evangelization, and also to prepare students to become responsible, contributing members of the society through faith, knowledge and self discipline.