Admission Requirements

You Too, Can be Our Student. 

The schools, under the Department of Education of the Catholic Diocese of  Abakaliki,  admit students into JS1, JSS 2 and S.S.S 1 classes respectively. For those entering J S S 1, there is always an entrance examination they will sit for which is been conducted by education board.

For primary schools, you can seek for admission to any of our primary schools near your location.

Presently, we have only one primary school that offer boarding facility for their students in case you want it.

After the entrance examination comes an interview examination for all the above-mentioned classes which normally comes up between the month of April, May and June in your various school of your choice.

Admission Requirements

For one to be admitted into any of our schools, he/she must have scored a pass mark in the interview examination which involves written or oral interview. Some of the things that the candidates are required to come with include the followings:

1.    Photocopy of Primary SIX testimonial (JSS 1), then other classes, the photocopy of your termly and annual result from your previous school.

2.    Two (2) passport photography attached to a filled form and an office file.

3.    A photocopy of your baptismal card or if not baptized, a photocopy of your birth certificate.

4.    A medical certificate indicating your Genotype and blood group including other necessary information.

5.    A recommendation letter from your Parish Priest or the Pastor of your Church.

6.    Interview fee is based on the particular school that you want to be enrolled.

7.    Most schools especially the boarding ones do have non-refundable fee of a specific amount If successful as part of your school fee for the first term.

8.  Contact the specific school you want for detail information.